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Benefits of Trackers, Cams and Car Alarms in Milton Keynes

Domestic and commercial clients in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas will benefit from a wide range of anti-theft devices, from a GPS tracker or fleet tracking software to dash cams and car alarm systems. Our expert team installs state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology to give you the ultimate peace of mind when you’re travelling around Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and throughout the UK.

Top 5 Tips to Prevent Car Theft

1. Keep Your Vehicle and Keys Secure

There are simple ways for Milton Keynes motorists to secure their vehicles, which includes maintaining the habit of central locking cars when they are temporarily left unattended or when vehicles are parked on a driveway or in a garage. Doors, windows and boots should remain locked even if you consider the residential or commercial premises to be safe. If you lose your keys, these can be deactivated to stop someone else accessing your vehicle before a new set is issued. Some of the major-brand car alarm systems we supply from Scorpion Group’s Sigma models include key theft protection, with an additional PIN entry required to operate.


2. Park in Safe Areas Around Milton Keynes

If you park in busy, well-lit areas, the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen is greatly reduced. Open-plan and multi-storey car parks will also provide protection with CCTV cameras and guards on duty. Our Millertech team recommends that Milton Keynes drivers invest in Thinkware dash cams for extra security precautions. While attached to the dashboard or windshield, these devices will record HD footage of the front interior and surrounding environment of your vehicle. When your car, van or heavy goods vehicle (HGV) is parked, dash cams can record in a variety of parking, continuous, incident, manual and audio surveillance modes. This will document any suspicious activity.


3. Use Reinforced Locking Mechanisms

In addition to car alarm systems and traditional car locks, the team at Millertech specialise in fitting deadlocks and slamlocks for physical safety measures. This is perfect for vans and HGVs containing precious cargo. Drivers in Milton Keynes solely control deadlocks, while slamlocks are conveniently secured as soon as doors are slammed shut.


4. Don’t Keep Valuable Possessions in Your Vehicle

Valuables that are left in view attract the attention of thieves, which can lead to vandalism and stolen vehicles. We suggest that you keep your possessions at home or on your person. Deadlocks and slamlocks can be fitted to vehicles for Milton Keynes commercial clients to prevent transportable goods from being taken. The presence of dash cams and a car alarm system will reduce the probability of stolen items.


5. Choose State-of-the-Art Technology

A GPS tracker and fleet tracking software monitors the health the location of your vehicles, which is useful for productivity and as a safeguard for stolen cars, vans or HGVs. The location of your vehicle can be pinpointed to provide the police with accurate, geographical information to recover it. Together with cutting-edge car alarm and immobiliser features, a GPS tracker or a fleet tracking system can keep protecting your vehicle from a virtual, safe distance. Dash cams, which include GPS tracker technology, are ideal for capturing evidence that can be used to support insurance claims and other cases

Our Anti-Theft Services

  • Dash Cams – These portable devices can be set up to record footage in high-definition at wide-angles over continuous time periods
  • Car Alarm Systems – Cutting-edge alarm systems can be installed from leading UK manufacturers, with immobiliser features connected via your Smart Phone app
  • GPS Tracker – Clients and the police in Milton Keynes can track the exact location of stolen vehicles for fast and efficient retrieval
  • Fleet Tracking – Companies with many vehicles can be well maintained with comprehensive reports, plus fleet tracking which allows each vehicle to be discoverable

For more advice about brand-new dash cams, car alarm and GPS tracker systems for clients in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, call 0800 587 8522 or 07834 601 264.