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Fleet Tracking in Milton Keynes,Peterborough and Nearby Areas

Millertech provides motorists inMilton Keynes,Peterborough,and the Bedfordshire,Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire areas with ways to enhance their vehicles,from installing commercialfleet trackingto major-branddash cams.Take advantage of our dedicated service,which caters to the needs of each individual client,including brand-new GPS tracker and cutting-edge car alarm systems fitted by a fully-insured and qualified team.

About Our Company

Established in 2004,we are an independent,family-run business,celebrating more than 24 years of industry expertise.Based in Baldock,Millertech focuses on offering commercial and domestic motorists in Milton Keynes,Peterborough and the surrounding Bedfordshire,Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire counties with convenient ways to boost their vehicle security and improve their overall driving experience.We take pride in being extremely customer-focused,specialising in fleet tracking management for commercial and agricultural clients.


  • We install new car alarm and fleet tracking systems,parking sensors,dash cams and Sat Nav devices to match manufacturer’s factory standards
  • We’re skilled at fault-finding techniques for each product we sell
  • We offer a 12-month warranty on all products and services
  • Our company is insured up to £10 million in public liability and £5 million in employer’s liability insurance
  • Our team uses high-quality,premium brands,including Sigma,RAM,Parrott,Thinkware,Gemini and Steelmate,for car alarms,dash cams,GPS trackers,in-car entertainment,Bluetooth and hands-free phone kits
  • We provide fully mobile services,covering the Milton Keynes,Peterborough,Bedfordshire,Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire areas,with nationwide services subject to availability

Services We Provide

Fleet Management and GPS Trackers– Our specialists install GPS trackers and real-time fleet tracking software manufactured by RAM.This helps Milton Keynes,Peterborough,Bedfordshire,Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire clients to protect their vehicles from theft,locate their whereabouts,reduce their carbon footprints and improve productivity.


Car Alarm Systems– We supply and install a variety of car alarms and immobilisers from the Sigma range,with anti-hijacking and key theft protection,approved by UK insurance companies.Together with a GPS tracker and a dash cam,a car alarm system is the perfect way to secure your vehicle.


Cameras and Sensors– Motorists can park with confidence,using front and rear,high-definition dash cams from Thinkware,together with proximity sensors that make manoeuvrability a whole lot easier and safer at any time of the day or night.A dash cam is ideal for recording any accidents or damage for insurance claims.


Hands-Free Car Kits– We understand the importance of staying in touch with family members and colleagues,which is why Bluetooth and hands-free technology is the best way to kit-out your car with top of the range Parrott products.


In-Car Entertainment– Milton Keynes,Peterborough,Bedfordshire,Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire car owners will enjoy,DAB radios,amplifiers,speakers and iPod outlets,while passengers can travel in style with headrest and roof mounted screens,connected to DVD players to keep them occupied!

For state-of-the-art features and car alarm systems for motorists in Milton Keynes, Peterborough and the surrounding areas, call 0800 587 8522 or 07834 601 264.